True Detective drops more hints about the possible identity of the Yellow King [Recap: season 1, episode 6]


The final shot of the episode is from a camera attached to Marty’s car, which reveals a busted taillight—indicating that Marty hasn’t fixed it since the fight a decade ago.

Correction: that’s Rust’s truck, not Marty’s car. Rust is the one who has the long memory.


awesome catch about the john deer mug!

…another week until the next episode, how will i ever make it?
i wish i was the president so that i could request advance copies of the remaining episodes. :slight_smile:

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Is this just a coincidence, or they actually trying to bring in the Hastur Cycle into this? Although HBO has brought the Mythos into its programming before…


Any idea what is the end credit song…?

A most unsurprising episode. Well acted, well directed, but still way too predictable.

one tiny detail that pops out as more significant: Reverend Tuttle drinks out of a John Deere mug

That didn’t happen


The Yellow King? What can it mean? I Hastur know!

Right, the mug was in the hands of “tent preacher Joel Theriot”

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the yellow king? i need to watch now.

I’m wondering if the reviewer actually watched the episode in question. Tuttle did not drink out of a John Deere mug. That was Theriot. And the final shot was a camera attached to the back of Rust’s truck, not Marty’s car. A huge difference and a mistake that I think would be pretty hard to make had one viewed the episode.


There are even more Lovecraftian references in this episode—with direct allusions to The Call of Cthulhu:

Also, check out the screen grabs from the ep. 7 preview. It’s going deep into the weird, and I can’t wait.


Yeah, its curious what the point of this clue is. Does it point to Rust’s life freezing with this obsession or just that he was gone for 10 years and his truck has been in storage.

“Michelle Monaghan is a talented actress who deserves more to work with than the perpetually dissatisfied housewife character she’s been given”

“Right now I’m happy to be impressed by the writing, acting, and visual style, working together to keep what would otherwise be another male-centric crime drama insanely compelling.”

What is this commentary? Maggie gets what is probably the 3rd highest amount of screen time in this show. She has a strong and interesting character, but does fall short of becoming a third lead. The show is an intense character study of two 1990’s homicide detectives in LA. I bet that was a pretty white male population. As much as I like to see more strong female and minority leads in shows, these comments make it sound like good writing, production, and acting are an inconvenience in our quest to calling all media misogynistic crap.


I was really surprised by the anachronism of people riding Segways as Rust went to visit Tuttle. That seems like a curious oversight, and had me wondering about what time other events happened.

Didn’t teh segway come out in 2001 and the scene take place in 2002?


God has it really been that long ago?

Yes and No, it was announced in 2001 but not widely available at first, so i would think the scene is a bit of an anachronism, because it would have been pretty rare to see more than one of them anywhere at that point. But maybe they were trying to make the point with the powered doors, etc that this place had all the latest toys.

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I think what the broken tailight means to Rust is, it’s a sign to himself of how he messed up - because him slipping and not seeing what Marty’s wife was up to, led to him having sex with her and then fighting with Marty. So he hasn’t fixed it, to keep it around as a reminder. Similar to the cross that he keeps on the wall above his bed, even though he very apparently no longer believes in God.

I also thought she was great and her role is great. This show is about two characters who happen to be men, and it’s often not flattering to either one of them. You make a great point, in that her character gets more screen time than any other characters, male OR female, besides the two leads. We can find evidence for misogyny in anything if we look hard enough, but there are many other shows which are better targets for this kind of scrutiny.