True Detective barrels into the darkness of new cross-genre territory. TV recap: 'The Secret Fate of All Life,' S1 Ep. 5


Matthew McConaughey is so brilliant in this, I’m speachless. I’m in awe of him now. Was he this good all along but just stared in average films? He deserves the Oscar and the Emmy in 2014. And I like him better without the muscles. This show is Breaking Bad-good.


“The King In Yellow” is a plot device like The Necronomicon - a manuscript that drives men mad. Lovecraft probably got the idea from Chambers.

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Why is the Pink Floyd image missing from Marty’s shirt in the image at the top of this article??


You can download a free copy of Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow at Project Gutenberg.

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Anybody else notice how much more together the Rust in the cop photos was? Shaven, hair tied back, sharp. Also, note how Rust could happily use drugs to get to his informants, and then walk away. I think the whole alcoholic thing is a cover – like Marty notes, the cops aren’t playing Rust. He’s playing them. That’s my theory.


Has anyone else noticed that Mary has a slightly bruised right eye in the 2012 interview room? It’s always in shadow but the makeup seems to be getting stronger.

I didn’t think I would see such a thing for many a year but thar she blows!

One thing has been bothering me (aside from the fact that the Pink Floyd image seems to have been digitally removed from Woody’s shirt in the picture up top) is what happened to Ginger? Wasn’t he in the back of Cohle’s truck bound and gagged when they raided Ledoux’s meth lab/house? So did he just stay bound and gagged in the back seat the whole time, even hours later when a shit ton of backup cops arrived on the scene?

They had to have cut Ginger free before that.
They had to go back to the cars anyway to call it in, so Rusty probably cut him loose before they called for backup, then went back in to bring out the kids for what the article so correctly calls the “hero shot”.[quote=“mindfu, post:10, topic:23006”]

I’d say he always was, yes. Lest we forget the praise his earlier films received, i’m thinking ‘dazed and confused’ but particularly ‘a time to kill’ that had critics raving at the time; seem to remember brando comparisons being bandied about. So there appears to be a bit of collective amnesia going on here but maybe for good reason with the endless dodgy shirtless rom-coms he seemed to be in afterward.

EDIT: Oh yeah, definitely looking forward to this when it comes to sky atlantic on the 22nd.

Rust said he dropped him in a ditch when he first met up with Marty.


What made Rust go back to the school at the end of episode 5?

I found myself silently hand-wringing over all the talk of “flat circles.”

Of COURSE circles are flat. That’s part of the definition of a circle, being two-dimensional.

He went to the tree in the cane field first. He was revisiting all the evidence from the original case.

Did you catch Cohle quoting William S. Burroughs: “Death needs time for what it kills to grow in” in the M-brane monologue?

He says about at about 40:50 “So death created time to grow the things that it would kill”

It does seem difficult to believe the writers are thinking of a character that sits alone and drinks when then wrote that monologue.

Actually on IMDB somebody noted that drinking renders his entire statement invalid from a legal perspective.
Rust is playing his game really well.

Detective Hart asked him what happened to Ginger. Cohle replies that he was dumped in a ditch. I guess the assumption is that he’ll eventually get out or get found by someone… or that he does not really care. In any case, there is a line indicating that he got dumped along the drive to the meth lab / compound.

I hope he called a cab when he bailed on the interrogation, because he wasn’t legal to drive.