True Detective barrels into the darkness of new cross-genre territory. TV recap: 'The Secret Fate of All Life,' S1 Ep. 5

OK, weird… I had a dream with Burroughs in it last night. And then I watched this episode today, and didn’t know that quote was Burroughs until you mentioned it just now.

Marty Hart is the modern version of Nietzsche’s Last Man, with his un-self-conscious adultery and lack of familial connectivity, a caricature of foibles; and Rust Cohle echoes the Ubermensch, but only because he has been harrowed from that same, modern caricature of humanity.

Cohle told Marty he threw him in a ditch just prior to finding the camouflaged truck.

The song closing out the episode as Cohle examines the devil net is “Eli” by Bosnian Rainbows, the new band from former The Mars Volta leader Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, with Le Butcherettes vocalist Teri Gender Bender. The music video for the track depicts someone smoking to the point of hallucination, which seems appropriate for Cohle’s mental state at this point during the case.

That’s just a fan-made video using a scene from the movie Enter the Void.

So has Rust been trailing the yellow king this whole time, or is he somehow the yellow king himself? what a great show, i like the slow pace yet intense style, it is like a dream. i hope this show can continue to be as excellent as it has been up to this point.

My guess is that Rust has been working the case the whole time. At this point making him the killer seems too straightforward to me. I’ll bet those 8 years he went off the grid were spent undercover infiltrating that Satanic cult. I guess we’ll see. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting this storyline to draw me in like it has.

That’s what I figured, there would be too many inconsistencies for Rust to be the yellow king, but then i remembered that this is all their telling of events from their recollection, so they could pull some fight club level mind f*ckery where rust doesn’t even know he is the yellow king, or some hannibal level mastermindry, where he has been playing everyone the whole time…but i hope they don’t because i really like Rust, he is an awesome character so far.

at the end of the story arc the interviewing detectives will look at the bottom of their mug and see the word “kobayashi” :slight_smile:

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Yeah, anything’s possible. Based on the narrative structure, I’ve been assuming that while 2012 Marty and Rust aren’t the most reliable narrators, we can trust what the camera shows us to be true. But then again the hallucinations we’ve seen suggest that’s not exactly right either, so who knows.

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Well, that’ll work too. : )

I really think that Cohle and Marty staged a falling out so they could continue working on the case out the eyes of the “powerful men”. I think the clips we have been seeing is just what the story Marty is going to tell the two new detectives. The drinking is a rouse and has been since the first time he had dinner with Marty. IMO

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