Jodie Foster is the lead of True Detective season 4

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TIL there was a season 3.


Seasons two and three were pretty lukewarm, but you can bet I’ll watch season four if Jodie Foster is in it.


Long a favourite actor of mine; always a class act on and off the screen.


The pair will have to confront the darkness they carry in themselves and dig into the haunted truths that lie buried under the eternal ice.

Man, I keep getting interested in the show because it always sets itself up like some supernatural, Lovecraftian mystery show, and then (luckily before I watch any of it) it turns out to be just banal and apparently derivative detective stuff.

I wonder if Anthony Hopkins will be available for a cameo?

Season three was boiling hot.

It got pretty good reviews and was definitely well acted, but it just didn’t click with me. The murder mystery was meh and the ending was anticlimactic. Still, a definite step up from whatever season two was trying to do.

The ending was supposed to be anticlimactic. It subverts the trope of the hero-cop who solves a long-gestating mystery.


Yeah, I get that. I just wasn’t invested in the characters/mystery enough.

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