David Lynch interviewed by Mike Figgis


I’m going to have to watch that again. The first time through I was just mesmerized by his hand.

I think David Lynch should be getting royalties for the new HBO series “True Detective” which features two cops who are partnered with each other while investigating the ritualistic murder of a young girl, which will lead to the unraveling of many of the small towns secrets. One cop is from the big city and given to making cryptic quotes from intellectual books, while the other cop is a local good old boy. It doesn’t seem to have Twin Peaks’ absurdism or fantasy, but if “True Detective” ever features a dancing dwarf, Lynch should sue the shit out of HBO.

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While I agree his digital work in Inland Empire was very creative, it’s a shame that the creator of such beautiful images as in Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet should give up film entirely.

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