David Lynch's "Rabbits" changed the way I look at film

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It looks a bit tedious after 9 odd minutes but I can imagine if suitably chemically rearranged I’d have the endurance to watch it all. I like the sitcom format. The script is rather random. Got me smiling alright but it’s just a tad slow.


I’ve just been enthusiastic about mulholland drive…

right out of twin peaks…


Jepp, thats very David Lynch allright.


I have to say that it’s only marginally more unsettling than his preternaturally cheery daily weather reports.

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What is a sitcom? A few people on a stage. They are forbidden to see through the fourth wall, or to acknowledge the hosts that teem before them, and the unknown hosts beyond the camera. Yet they pause for the applause, and the laugh track. What is the connection? Descartes thought the connection between the mortal and the immortal was the pineal gland. What is the nature of the fourth wall? Cause and effect seem to flow both ways, but information only flows out. They are trapped in this one-way sieve. David Lynch puts rabbit ears on the actors, and we can all see this cage for what it is.

But can we see our own cage?


Rabbits was a part of Inland Empire and somehow makes even less sense in that context.


Although most of the Rabbits footage is not in Inland Empire, as I recall.



Myeahhh… I don’t get it, Doc!

(this is even less watchable than Inland Empire was)

I’ve noticed that Shermin-Williams seems to dry slower than Benjamin Moore. Perhaps it was just the colors though. Mud Lark Brown appears to out dry Ruined Wharf Gray.

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Thanks for dropping this! I somehow didn’t know about Michael Sowa and am now deep in the - ahem- rabbit hole…


I’m not nearly as well-versed in Lynch as I should be, but that was hypnotizing in the best way. I was a half hour in before I even paused to check the time. I can imagine the horror of it was more pronounced 20 years ago, before we all got really used to seeing utter randomness online constantly. I only wish it wasn’t such a compressed copy! Now I need to see if I can find it at higher resolution somewhere…


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