David Lynch's Rabbits has come to rob you of all the comfort in your life

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I finished reading Room to Dream, and Naomi Watts confirmed that she and her co-stars, Laura Harring and Scott Coffey were inside the actual rabbit suits, and not just voice actors.


The second MeTube comment is a full transcript with explanatory notes:

JACK: I need to tell you something. I almost forgot. I have a secret.
SUZIE: Oh? JACK: I will bet you are both wondering.
JANE: Are you going to tell?
JACK: I am not sure.
SUZIE: When will you tell it?
JACK: I am not sure.
JANE: I’m going to find out one day.
JACK: Let me tell you. (Seeing that they will eventually learn the secret anyway, Jack tells them his secret.)

(Jane has her own secret, too. The next day after Jack’s revelation, she also opens up.)
JANE: There is something I would like to say to you, Suzie. No one can know about this. It happened like that earlier. (referencing what Jack experienced and his revelation about it) I was speaking about the other night. I have known since I was seven. (There may be an age discrepancy between Jack and Jane)
JACK: Since then? Who could have known?
JANE: I saw it too.
JACK: It happens all the time.
JANE: It happened to me only once. I almost forgot.
JACK: When did you go out? (and the demon got in?)
JANE: I went earlier, when it was just light. And then, there it was.
SUZIE: Where was it exactly, do you remember?
JANE: I was near the harbor after it happened. It was raining.
JACK: I knew that was what happened each time I thought about it. (Probably back then, Jack felt that Jane experienced possession, but he didn’t dare to talk about it until today, when Jane herself opens up.)
JACK: Where was I? (Why didn’t I try to protect you?)
SUZIE: You could not do anything? (to Jack, kind of blaming him)
JACK: No. Nothing.
SUZIE: Why? (again, questioning, as the only person who has not yet experienced possesion)

JANE: I do not know where Jack is. SUZIE: He goes to work each morning, and then he comes back home each night. It has always been like that. (The two women are naturally worried about Jack’s state when he is not at home, the only place they feel safe.)

(Jack comes in and we hear lous applause, because he managed to come home safe and sound one more day!)
JACK: Were there any calls?
SUZIE: There have been no calls today. (The devil gives them occasional calls, reminding them of their utter doom and they are anxious about these calls.)

(The they hear noises outside the door.)
JACK: I hear someone.
SUZIE: I heard it too.
JANE: I could hear it also.
SUZIE: It must be the rain. (trying to soothe/deceive herself)
JACK: It is the rain. (accepting the soothing illusion)
JANE: I do not think it is the rain. (facing the reality)
JACK: Quiet. SUZIE: It was the voice of a man. (finally verbalising the feared thing) (Jack goes out to look.) JACK: It was a man in a green suit. (The man in the green suit of course is the devil, just dropiing by to disturb them.)

SUZIE: There was a call for you, earlier in the day.
JACK: Who was it? (Suzie does not answer, because the caller’s identity is obvious.)
JACK: Did he say anything? (Suzie does not answer, maybe the caller didn’t say anything at all, or said things too scary to tell.)

(But the phone rings once again! Jack answers this time, after a long pause of hesitataion.)
JANE: Who was on the phone?
JACK: It was the man in the green coat. (Two calls in one day?!) It may have been a coincidence. A coincidence. (Again trying to soothe the women, but Suzie’s doom is close.)

JANE: It is still raining. (trying to break the silence, but the others remain silent) I said it looks like it is still raining.
SUZIE: When did you say that? (I wasn’t even listening to you.) It is still raining. (saying the same sentence as Jane, pointing at the fakeness of this attempt to break the silence)
JANE: All day. All day. (twice)

JANE: Do not forget that today is Friday. (Do possessions take place on Fridays? Probably. Jane warns Suzie.)
SUZIE: What time is it?
JACK: It must be after 7:00 p.m.
SUZIE: Is it that late?
JACK: It may even be later.
SUZIE: (after checking the time herself) It is 8:35 p.m. (Do possessions take place late at midnight? Probably. That’s also why whenever the time is mentioned, we hear a laughter, which points to the doom getting closer and closer. The clock is tickingi haha!)

JANE: It is 11:15 p.m., it is dark outside.
SUZIE: And getting darker. There is no moon tonight. (Suzie starts getting really afraid.)
JANE: Well then, it must be very dark. I do not think it will be much longer now. (Get ready, Suzie!) I was wondering when Suzie was going to do that. (She is the last one and her time finally came!)
SUZIE: I wonder who I will be. (The possession turns you into someone/something else, Suzie wonders what her transformation will be like.)
JACK: Do not forget what I have told you. When it happens, you will know it. (As an ‘experienced’ friend, he gives advice to Suzie.)
SUZIE: I am going to get them. (She is desperately hoping that she can battle these demons in some way.)
JANE: I only wish that they would go somewhere. (She is more hopeless. Rather than battling, she just wishes that they would just go away.)
JACK: We are not going anywhere. (Jack is possessed at this point, and it is the demon inside him talking, telling Suzie that they are not going anywhere, so stop battling!)
SUZIE: I have heard those things being said before. (I don’t believe you. I can manage! I can resist!)

SUZIE: It’s past midnight! (The time for me has come!)

SUZIE: There is something here! (confronting her demon) Where was it? (It is gone, probably because it is inside her now.) I have misplaced it. I am sure of it now. (misplaced = within herself) Where is it that you think I meant? (What I meant is inside myself.)

JACK: Were you blonde? Suzie? (during your possession?)
SUZIE: It did not happen that way. (So different people experince it differently.) It was red. (explaining the red color coming inside when the door is opened by itself and we hear the characters screaming.)


Sounds right.


The British version was called Bunny About The House.


The story hopped around to much for me.


In related news: Usagi ga Kowai, or “Scary-ass Rabbits.” It’s a 13-minute animated film, very disturbing. It’s very hard to find. Wiki doesn’t list it, and Youtube only has a short clip with a chipper voiceover “explaining” things.

I found just one site that has it, but it’s jam-packed with malware. Wear a condom.


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It feels like someone showed David Lynch the David Lynchian horror-sitcom “Jam” and he said, “that’s not a David Lynch horror-sitcom. I’ll show them a David Lynch horror-sitcom” and then he turned the David Lynch-ness up to 11.



I would watch that.


I was wondering this and it makes the whole thing just so much better.

The visual influence of Michael Sowa’s work is very apparent.


So gentle and calming.


Really? At the time you wouldn’t shut up.

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Look, that carousel was talking to me. I had to tell someone.


It was tedious, slow and dragged out forever. Great sedative though





That was uncomfortably compelling.

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