A fond look back at the scariest 25 minutes on television


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I watched this with my siblings when we were 13, 11, and 7 (I was the eldest).

For a full year afterward, I could terrify either of them just by imitating the demon doll’s war cry.

Good times :wink:


Hate to break it to you or to Mr Serling, Zuni fetish dolls are not African

It’s astonishing to me how little some (many?) Americans know about their own country and the people who live here.


Amelia was the only story in the trilogy that was even remotely scary.

Hate to break it to you but:


Back in 1975, the US was even more of the mindset:

White = "normal’, Brown = “foreign, exotic” and anyone or anything not White was pretty much an interchangeable “Other.”


This clip does contain some nudity.
What a sweet song though.


Funny, I was the youngest and used to mess with my brothers after we saw this. However, I used to imitate Karen Black after the attack. To me, she was much scarier than the doll!


Undeniably true…

But there was a countercurrent, even then


Two things I did not know:

  1. Rod Serling was born on Christmas Day
  2. That he died at the age of 50


I’m not surprised that some people in the US in the 1950s didn’t know that Zuni were Native American, although from what I know of Rod Serling he seemed better educated and more thoughtful than many of his peers.

I am surprised that Mark Frauenfelder in 2017 didn’t feel the need to correct that misunderstanding.


Looking back at this and considering Matheson’s contributions, it’s clear now why this scared me more than The Invaders episode of The Twilight Zone. The Invaders was very quiet, with the only dialogue at the end. That conveyed a lot of suspense, but much less fear. Horror movies of the '70s were definitely enhanced by adding lots of creepy sound effects and music.


You shouldn’t be; not if you’ve been a member of the site for 4+ years.

You also shouldn’t be surprised that criticism of their posts won’t entice Mark or Cory to change.




To me, the scariest minutes (probably 45 or so) on TV was “Corpus Earthling” on the original Outer Limits. That (and Alien which I hated) are why I don’t watch really scary horror anymore.


You hated Alien?


He smoked five packs a day, which almost certainly led to his early death. That’s nuts!


I counter with the funniest 5 min of television ever:


Never heard of this episode until now.


Too gory for my blood. Perhaps due to my having Crohn’s disease, which apparently Dan O’Bannon has too (IIRC). Apparently he wrote the darn thing to exorcise some demons, but for me it just stirred them all up!




Nicotine is a helluva drug.


Speaking as an addict, 5 packs a day is… when did he breathe?