All the Second Life rabbits are doomed, thanks to DRM


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Rabbit’s Closed!


If this item isn’t a germ for a SF short story, I don’t know what is.


When the last digirabbit dies, then we find out what critter they’ve been checking in check.


Somebody please shutdown the trump server.


Who’s going to call PETVA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Virtual Animals) to complain about these rabbits being starved?


DRM kills (digital) bunnies! Oh noooo!!!

Actually I think this is hilarious.


They say sadism towards virtual animals is an early warning sign of a virtual sociopath.


Not so much hilarious anymore when you realize that many people have poured tons of real money into these animals. All the “food” and accessories had to be bought and paid for, typically in “lindens” (the in-world SecondLife currency). However, most people have to buy that currency on an exchange for real $$$. (and, conversely, some people have made millions of real world $ thanks to their SecondLife businesses)

So I am sure that quite a few folks will not be so amused when they discover that they toys are broken.


It’s always a nasty surprise when something that is designed to look like a product is actually a concealed service.


will starve to death (well, permanent hibernation)

Permanent hibernation also what Republicans want to do Medicare and Medicaid patients.


But will there be anyone there to mourn?


“Mommy, why isn’t my bunny moving?”
“It’s asleep, dear. Asleep for ever and ever…”


So… God used open source, right?


Expect a gimick driven medocire plot with cookie cutter characters young adult story very soon by an author who I will refrain from naming. And then a whole bunch of posts about it on a certain big group blog site.

That would be perfect storm of hilarity and nerd rage!

That actually makes it all the more hilarious!

I mean this whole thing is such a hot ball of WTF. Food server? “dead” things that never existed in the first place? Second Life is still there?


McDonalds? :thinking:


Whenever SL hits the headlines, there’s this eternal rethorical question. ‘Second Life is still there?’ Chess is still there. Yahoo is still there. Paper and pencils are still there. Non-flying cars are still there. This may come as a shock to you, but, yes, Second Life is also still there, and kicking. Check out the timestamps on the 3,600,000+ snapshots on Flickr (some NSFW):


The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang:


I actually have a friend who is currently making a great deal of money off SL.

I know just enough to know that I don’t want to know any more.


It’s easy to mock because it involves pixelated bunnies, but a nanometer beneath the surface it’s the same as any other DRM clusterfuck.

“Here’s some money. Arrange your computers in such a way that I can have a bunny/movie/book/song/game/chat connection/gallery for my artwork/online diary/etc.”
“You bet. Thanks for the money.”

[time passes]

“We’re not doing that bunny/movie/book/song/game/chat/gallery/diary thing anymore.”
“Crap! Well, at least let me download my bunny/movie/song/game/chat/gallery/diary before you go.”