Were dinosaurs more like birds, lizards, or tuna?


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I have not eaten lizard but I am thinking that range of options means that dinosaur pairs with a white wine or a lighter red.


Although they were clearly related they existed for a long time, and the longer they existed the more they diverged. Their close likenesses are probably an illusion created by the evidence that remains and the original interpretation of them all as reptiles.
If we could show up at different times in the Mesozoic we’d be confronted with a vast array of creatures and find ourselves classifying them into far more groups than we can see at this distance, including creatures that were never fossilized or at least never found.
I’d bet that about half of them were more reptilian and half were more birdlike with some overlapping creatures. Some may be total surprises to us, things we never found and could never guess at having existed.
So, I doubt you can say that the whole group we include as dinosaurs were warm or cold blooded, but contained a spectrum of different creatures.


I tried rattlesnake once. You know how they say it tastes like chicken? They lie. It’s fishy and oily and tastes just like reptile. In fact, the nasty flavor may just be the reason the dinosaurs survived as long as they did.

I understand that all dinosaurs were not birds, but birds are the last remaining form of dinosaur. Wikipedia says as much. Maybe part of the problem is that “dinosaur” is an extremely broad category.

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So a Prince Edward County rosé then.

Well apparently a Chilean Carmenere or Syrah for snake:
Extreme Wine Pairings: What to Pair with Snake, Bat, and Grasshoppers
This internet thing gives way to many answers to questions I have not considered.

As for Dinosaurs I think I have found the answer:


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I have no mouth and I must drink wine.


I read that as code for ‘something full bodied enough to hide the flavour of the meat’.

although i have never indulged in this particular flesh , i have long had the impression that snake required a strong whiskey , or , perhaps , boilermakers as a beverage pairing ~

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