Werner Herzog is making a documentary about meteorites


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You had me at “Werner Herzog is making a documentary”…


HERZOG V.O. - “The lonely rock does the only thing it is able to do:
travel upon it’s long voyage around a flaming orb of burning hydrogen,
hurtling through a vast and empty darkness, alone,
oblivious to its condition.”


It’ll be a hit.

*jazz hands



“And then suddenly, for the first time in its existence, it encounters resistance, from the earth’s atmosphere, and transforms from a dull chunk of metal into a blazing missile, bringing perhaps delight, horror, and even complete destruction to creatures below, utterly helpless to alter their fate as they await impact.”


“One day perhaps another, larger rock will find its way to our lonely blue planet, ending its torture by extinguishing any flame of hope for life on the surface. There is no deity who will prevent such a fate from being visited upon us.”


I bet this documentary is going to rock


Best not to take it for granite.


I bet it’ll have a Deep Impact


Meh. It will be just half the fun without Klaus Kinski.


Half as fun Herzog is still twice as fun as the rest of existence.


It’s got me fired up.


Werner Herzog is a fun guy.
I love his sense of humor.


Vote Giant Meteor 2020!


I wanna see the Werner Twertzog version.


The big question is, will Herzog expose the Earthcrossers Society or not.


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