WeWork’s notorious Adam Neumann on what’ll be different this time: listening

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Like “you’re an idiot”?


I’m listening- so don’t ask me any questions.




God, I’m so sick of the hubris of the techbro alpha male ego coming out of silicon valley.


“Surround yourself not only with the best people and the smartest people, but also the ones that are going to tell you what they think,” he said.

…as long as they’re kissing this grifter’s arse and handing him even more money than he got away with after his last screw up. It’s so very hard for him to accept praise, you see.

The glass floor is working as usual, even with a guy who stole hundreds of millions of dollars from other wealthy people.


Happy to tell you what I think, Adam, and you won’t even have to pay me for it. You’re an astoundingly stupid man who somehow is charming enough to get people to dump money into your inane, feckless, ridiculous ideas, and this new one will be more of the fucking same. Stop it. Go get a real job for a while, touch grass, and stop trying to make a fast buck. You need to come back down to reality and see what life is really like for a while.


I think they just learned the wrong thing. WeWork was in the process of an IPO when they imploded. From Andreessen Horowitz perspective, they “almost made it”. And with the recent popularity of SPACs with their reduced scrutiny, it’s entirely possible that if WeWork happened today, the IPO would be complete before everybody noticed it was basically a scam.

I won’t say many nice things about Andreessen Horowitz, but I think they are less financially stupid than SoftBank. SoftBank invested with such a high valuation that I think even if the IPO was successful, I don’t think they stood to make much money. But overpaying is sort of SoftBank’s calling card, and I think A-H is probably better at setting the valuation at a level that is high enough to make it look impressive but low enough they actually make money if the IPO succeeds.


Neumann implied that his team at WeWork wasn’t “brave” enough to tell him what they really thought.

Wow - be an anbsolutely incompetent asshole and blame everyone else!

I’d forgotten how much I disliked this creep.


I’m not being rude here*, but this is a country where there are sufficient people still taking Donald Trump seriously that he is liable to be a viable presidential candidate next year.
The fact that Neumann is being funded rather than in jail tells you everything you need to know, really.

*ok, I am. But then again I live in a country that let Boris Johnson and then Liz Truss get the top job. So we’re hardly ones to talk.


The quintessence of ValleyBro culture, and the reason that so many of these vapor-billion startups are run by a-holes.



Masayoshi tried selling sprint once before and the gov stopped the sale saying sprint was considered too valuable as a competitor which helps keep costs down for the consumer (see Canada). So in turn, masayoshi flushed sprint’s remaining resources in numerous spectacularly dumb ways, one of which was by buying wework rebranded chairs and margarita machines. Next time masayoshi tried selling sprint the deal went through to save sprint from bankruptcy.

I don’t know much about softbank’s other missteps, but it does seem like masa initially struck gold where everyone else said not to dig, and since then he has been anxious and unsuccessful to prove he can do it again.

You’re assuming good faith on his part. He could just be a con man.



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