What a lifetime of archery does to the human body


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not surprising, but certainly interesting to see in the flesh (so to speak). I wonder what other professions, ancient or modern, could induce similar structural changes in the body…


Bonus: a literal “PRO TIP”

Does it count if I still have Tetris dreams 25 years later?


Waiting tables. I did it for a five year period that ended over 15 years ago. To this day, I still have a lot of weird shit going on with my right shoulder.


Bartending near ended my wrists, now I drink entirely for my own selfish reasons.


Tennis, though less so these days with much of it played 2-handed.


Thought this might be about Target Panic.


DC’s next reboot should include a hunchbacked Oliver Queen!


So don’t skip back day and don’t focus on one part of the back… Got it.


Working an office job probably counts. Hours in a coding trance, day after day, year after year will take a toll.


I did read that suits of armour had to allow for extra muscle on the sword arm. Also, there was something about Mesoamerican “Giants” who served as the Kings’ bodyguard; they had weird deformities in their legs, caused by spending most of their adult life in a kneeling position by the throne.

Also exposure to a hostile, post-apocalyptic landscape and harsh, abusive parenting…


I got my kid some elastic bands. I told her, hey, just do 10 or 20 a night. You will get a little stronger and the bow will feel less heavy. We can even increase the draw weight if needed and that will lead to flatter shooting.

Her season is now starting and I hope to help take her to extra practices.


I admit my expectations were not met with the video…


There is nothing there that I see that is any different than anybody else. 99% of humans are not symmetrical and the differences he is pointing our are so subtle it is irrelevant. I could make a video of myself and point out the same differences
in my left and right shoulders and I have never done archery. Another observation… he says he has ‘nothing to hide’, that does not necessarily mean we want to see it.


This guy must be an arm wrestler.


No, but this guy is. And that isn’t a photoshop or from a bizarre work out, he has a mutation/condition where one arm was that large naturally. Which makes him amazing at his weight class.


Am I the only one whose inner jukebox went “a dark figure slips from out of the shadows”?



Profession? Meh


I look upon it as more of a vocation.


I can second the earlier mention of waiting tables. Over a decade after my mother quit waiting tables there was still a massive imbalance in her muscles. But anything that causes unbalanced physical labor can easily do it. If you look at some of the old manufacturing jobs you could see which guys did certain jobs because they repeatedly used the same muscles.