Tears, Strength, and Ten Thousand Calories with Game of Thrones' Thor "The Mountain" Björnsson


Guys like that are usually big teddy bears because they have nothing to prove by being aggressive. It’s the weaselly little fucks that will just run up and sucker punch people as a hobby.


I’m curious–what’s the upper end of the structural capacity of human bone?

At a guess, something similar to the size of an elephant’s bones.

Well weight bearing exercise will increase bone density and strength. But weight lifters can get stress fractures. I was in good shape when my girlfriend hurt her Achilles tendon, so I was often hauling her around like a sack of potatoes. Lifting her caused my right collar bone to separate from the sternum, and I can no longer sleep on that side without the artery and nerve to the arm getting pinched.

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Although I don’t think that particular type of Elephant Man has been born yet. I was thinking more along the lines of the strongest possible human weightlifter, in terms of the carrying capacity of the body. At peak strength and in the prime of his/her life, how much could a weightlifter lift until the bones cannot bear the stress?

I’m wondering if there’s an upper limit to that bone density, which would, I guess, give us an approximate upper level?

Just yesterday I watched a Vice video on Youtube that concerns strongmen in Iceland: Nest of Giants

That’s a lot of crowd noise from an empty stadium!

I think there is a pretty broad range of bone densities, and it depends on individual genetics, nutrition, and exercise. Neanderthals had much higher bone densities than modern man and they were clearly lugging around massive loads, but it’s not clear what they were up to. Building pyramids for the space Yetis?


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As slightly mind-boggling trivia, the heaviest object lifted off the ground by an unassisted human stands at 2,840kg (4 cows, half an elephant or about 1/5th of a double-decker bus. Not sure what that is in libraries of congress.)


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