Learn about the Hercules beetle in this short video


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/06/learn-about-the-hercules-beetl.html


FUN FACT: Variants have been known to grow to over 100 feet in height and battle Ultraman.



You forgot the video link!


I admire your attention to this detail.


I love articles like this, but I call BS on the 850 times it’s body weight thing. A little googling shows that a typical male Hercules beetle weighs 85 to 100 grams. 850 times that is 159 to 187 pounds. Come on.

There’s this:

which led me to this:

(look for the PDF link).

Plus, ~160 pounds?


Have Eastern Hercules Beetles come around the yard, along with Giant Stag Beetles, and these buggers are absolutely mesmerizing in the wild. “What did you do this weekend?”“Oh, spent about 3 hours watching a giant bug crawl on my wood pile”.


A little googling suggests the estimate is off by roughly an order of magnitude.



Nothing about the softness in its eyes, iron in its thighs, virtue in its heart, and fire in every fart? Too short a video.


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