Caught raiding birdseed, chipmunk yields haul


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And kinda ADORBS


Maybe that makes it easier to run away faster? (Cuz a man is what, 500 times bigger?)


I expect it’s pretty much the same as a human dropping their baggage when fleeing from something terrifying. We must remember that animals that size live in a constant Kaiju-style horror film. Every time they encounter one of us, it’s like if one of us were to live in a world where you habitually run into a rampaging Godzilla every morning on the way to work.


You…you mean…WE don’t?


Chipmunks gotta live too.
I like chipmunks. They’re not rude like squirrels.


Assuming the chipmunk weighs 5 ounces (which is on the large side, but feasible for an eastern chipmunk), a man 500 times bigger would weigh 156.25 pounds. Pretty thin/short for an adult male, but totally possible, so good guess if you just came up with it off the top of your head.


“I wasn’t stealing it! I was just taking it to the checkout and I couldn’t find a basket!”





Apparently a 156 pound man is well above average. Regionally, he’s notably light for North America, right about average for Europe, Latin America, and Oceania, and notably heavy for Asia and Africa (where most of the people are).

The real question is, who would win in a fight - 500 chipmunk-sized humans, or one human-sized chipmunk.


The real question is, who would win in a fight - 500 chipmunk-sized humans, or one human-sized chipmunk.

Hmm. I think the humans would die first, as a brain that small probably couldn’t handle any of what it is supposed to do in a full-sized human.

The chipmunk wouldn’t take much longer to die, assuming that the blood in its brain when it’s created is oxygenated, but the chipmunk’s circulatory system isn’t designed to pump that much blood, so it probably would last a few minutes at most before its heart exploded.


This is the kind of answer every “who would win in a fight (superman vs. green lantern etc)” type question ever.
Unless; magic.


This reminds me of the time I caught with a nitrous balloon sitting between two cars at a Dead show. The cop stood with a satisfied smile as he made me let the whole thing out in from of him.

I’m better now. I discovered heavy metal.


Damn they’re fast!


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