Can a person crush a human skull? Part II




Didn’t the books imply that The Mountain had some giant ancestry? I don’t know what that means for The Hound, exactly, except more familial/filial alienation. My point is that a human might not be able to crush a human head (not a skull, exactly), but a person can, especially in a fantasy realm where some persons are made of ice, some are made of shadows, and some can survive the center of an inferno.


You’re welcome! A (somewhat nauseating) debate is currently raging on a friend’s Facebook wall about the human skull’s crushability.


I’m a little troubled that enough people care about this topic to justify a second story. I guess if I ever have a compelling need to crush someone’s head, I’ll know where to look…?


Use an axe.

You are, after all, a member of a tool using species.


To fracture the skull there would require 500 kgf, or the force that 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) would exert in standard gravity. A man would have to weigh 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) to do that by stepping on the head, and, Mattei said, it would be “impossible to break it with his hands even if 90 percent of the 235 kg were biceps muscles.”

Uh, what? Yes you could exert your weight’s worth of force on someone’s head by gently stepping on it, but you have the option of stomping. You don’t need to weigh 1100 pounds to put out 1100 pounds of force.


The real question is “can a human crush another’s skull with a wine bottle”? As it seems to be a repeated motif in Spanish horror films. Blah, the most horrifying scene that I have seen repeated.


There’s really only one way to settle this.

Give someone on death row the opportunity to be executed in the most awesome way possible by having Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson attempt to crush his skull - for science!*

*and possibly for entertainment /s


Tell him that once they are empty, they are surprisingly fragile. And don’t ask me how I know, because I don’t want to get anyone’s father in trouble for bringing home grotesque WWII trophies from the Pacific islands and using them as Halloween decorations 30 years later.


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