Can a human crush another human's head with their hands?


I could. The rest of you, probably not.


What about the handy lethal neck twist you see in all the spy shows on TV.


Sometimes, even “warning: spoilers for tv shows” is too much of a spoiler. Womp womp.


I’m sorry. I could only do so much and still satisfy my curiosity about head crushing.

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Now I want to know if it’s possible to pinch someone’s face.


I’m going with yes. Even through a security camera.

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Would a punch be allowed? Because I’m quite sure some advanced martial artists can break bone.

Yes, around we call it giving a headfive

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That was the first one I thought of as well. Looks way too easy.
Why aren’t like at least half of all murders done that way if it’s as quick & effortless as that?

I’m prepared for that, having mastered the “there’s nobody home!” countermeasure.

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Both NASA and the Air Force collected data on how hard subjects could push with two hands against a force plate. (The MythBusters tested how hard you can press your hands together.) I figure that if you could turn this pressing force inward, as you would while attempting to crush a skull, these numbers would be fair approximations.

So yeah, but not the way Clegane was doing it, which was more of a choking position than pressing his hands inwards, forearms in line with each other. (Think of your stance when trying to crack a particularly tough nut barehanded.)

If I remember the novel right it was originally more of a “smashing in skull with an armored fist” kind of death.

I’d think the most likely way to crush a human’s skull “bare-handed” would be to take a running start and slam the crush-ee’s head against a hard wall with an open hand. Although, that’s not exactly crushing, probably smashing would be the appropriate term.

What I’m trying to say is, can functional equivalents to crushing be acceptable? One’s using a stationary anvil and a moving hand (plus the body’s momentum) as an impactor, the other is using the two hands, shoulders and chest as a “vise”.

I bet I could squish your head like a bug with one of my ridiculous Rachmaninoff paws.

If Max von Sydow says he can do it, I’m not gonna say no.


that’s just a movie you hoser.


It also depends on exactly how you go about doing it. Holding the head with the off hand, and punching into the other side of the head with the stronger hand would allow a much greater amount of force to be exerted, especially if you are using the sort of punch favoured in the martial arts rather than the typical boxing/brawling fist, which radically reduces the surface area of the impact.
It’s the difference between squeezing a raw egg (very hard to break) and tapping lightly with a fork.


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By this logic, then why not trip/leg sweep the unfortunate “crushee” and use a hand on the face or throat to forcefully guide the head down onto the concrete or other hard surface. That way you get body weight and some delightful gravitational assistance in crushing said head. No running start needed.