20-lb human battles 600-lb dog for possession of bed


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That dog doesn’t weigh 600 pounds. Frauenfelder is an idiot, a troll, or both.


Nice. I was thinking maybe 80 pounds, myself.


The smile he gives the dog just before laying down is priceless.


Was expecting a Caucasian Mountain Dog


I love the way some dogs have seemingly infinite patience for children.


takes one to know one, frauenfelder. :wink:


That dog knows his place in the pack. Good dog.


Or the baby needs a diaper change.


I wonder if @Falcor would let himself be pushed aside so easily.


Not a chance. I’d eat that little morsel.


@Falcor also knows his place in the pack. :slight_smile:


I have a scar over my eye reminding me that some do not…


They’re cute little guys. But where did they find that 3’ tall circus midget?


Babies are high in fat and not a healthy snack.

Have an apple instead.


When Gregor Clegane wants a pet, there’s only one animal that will do: the Mountain that Rrruffs.


Babbies are a sometimes snack.



He cometh forth hurriedly from his tent
And looketh for a quiet sequestered vale
He carrieth a roll of violet toilet tissue
And a forerunner goeth ahead to do him honour
Yclept a snotty-nosed Eskimo kid

He findeth a quiet glade among great stones
Squatteth forthwith and undoeth trousers
Irrational Man by Wm. Barret in hand
While the other dismisseth mosquitoes

And beginneth the most natural of natural functions
Buttocks balanced above the boulders
Then dogs1
All shapes and sizes
All colours and religious persuasion

A plague of dogs rushing in
Having been attracted by the philosophical climate
And being wishful to learn about existential dogs
And denial of the self with regard to bitches
But let’s call a spade a shovel

Therefore there I am I am I think that is
Surrounded by a dozen dozen fierce Eskimo dogs
With an inexplicable (to me) appetite
For human excrement

Dear Ann Landers
What would you do?
Dear Galloping Gourmet
What would you do in a case like this?

Well I’ll tell you


I’m not up on my American system of weights and measurements anymore but is that human really 20 pounds?


It’s okay to indulge every now and again.