Apparently this is how you weigh a baby giraffe



My spouse sometimes uses the same method to weigh our dogs, although they’re slightly smaller than a baby giraffe. Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a veterinary scale.


Whatever works! That is how I weigh backpacks, dogs, bicycles and most handhold-able things.

I’d have guessed a heavier duty version of this for baby giraffes though.

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I’m sorry, but this does beg the question: How much does a baby giraffe weigh?

Update: Never mind - I should click through on the link more often. 150 lbs!

This is horrible! Everybody knows that you take their toupee off before weighing a baby giraffe. Are you trying to give the poor thing body image issues???


He’s 150 lbs of doesntgiveafuck based on his facial expression

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The cute is strong with this one!

Looks like a bunch of guys settling a bar bet.

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I got to pet an adult giraffe at the zoo. I held up my hand and it leaned over the fence and let me scratch its jaw. It licked my arm with a tongue nearly as big a my arm. The zookeeper yelled at me - he probably thought I was feeding it.

Those tongues are impervious to nasty acacia spines, very cool. Also, they do this sometimes:

Which is enough for me to chicken out and run the other way if I see a giraffe coming at me.

And their heads are much larger than horses’

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This is how I weigh my luggage when I’m travelling, and also how I weighed my children when they were too small (or too impatient) to stand on the scale themselves.

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