What a serious keysigning ceremony looks like

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Needs more ritual sacrifice.

Guessing the original precaution of requiring attendance in skivvies didn’t last long.


i’ve mentioned before, i have been a key custodian and have been involved (but not presided over) the ceremonies. it can take hours and hours to generate a single key, from which you derive more keys.

going through the key ceremony audit though–where external auditors watch you like a hawk–was beyond nerve racking. to compromise a key if you use the proper procedures would entail something like kidnapping the families of a dozen people, holding them ransom, and rely on photographic memory of the dozen people involved.

or just install back orifice on a PoS device and be done with it :smiley:


three entities involved in making the root zone […] which is: […] the US Department of Commerce


added the security aspects

Fail! By involving a US governmental organization you don’t add to security …

There’s a hypothetical not been mentioned here, that I’m curious about.
The FBI doesn’t want to surrender custody of the device, insisting that Apple provide it with the tools to open it, so they can do so in the privacy of their own building. Wouldn’t it diminish the burden on Apple quite a bit, if the FBI handed the phone to them, swore in a few Apple execs as deputies or something, and then let Apple break it open in the privacy of their own building? They could then release the contents to the FBI without having to risk giving up their crown jewels. -which isn’t to say that it would be a good legal precedent- just from a technical standpoint, wouldn’t it be more secure?

That would be a cool heist movie plot. Of course it would be ruined by stupid execution, like someone entering through the hvac vent and guessing the password.

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It is also full of right wing nutjob philosophy and unreadable. I wish that I could sell my kindle copy at a used book store or at least use it as a door stop.

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What is? Anathem? I enjoyed it very much, and did not notice any right wing nutjob philosophy. You mean the part about graph theory?

I worked on a product that uses encryption keys. It is a surprisingly physical process to protect the keys, involving armed men in a secret location, separate envelopes coming by separate mailing systems, and a room where only one part of the key can be entered by one custodian at a time.

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That’s what Apple is offering to do.


I didn’t see it any of the times I’d read it either. The number of invented words makes it a little tough to get into but not unreadable.

Maybe, if you really wanted to, you could probably make the math extramuros separation into a libertarian argument about how regulations (extramuros sacks on/interference in the maths) hold back business. Hell of a stretching though, really curios about what @woodfish read.

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I enjoyed it, and I did notice it. And I am not surprised that not everyone did.

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What was it?

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There are some preconceived notions about human nature and determinism which do not sit right with the humanists and existentialists of the world. my two cents.

And I preferred Zodiac.

Different people have different definitions of right wing nutjob philosophy. I’ve heard there are even people who can read Heinlein without noticing any right wing nutjob philosophy. On the other hand, I am not sure there is anyone besides me who noticed the right wing nutjob philosophy in “Old Man’s War”.

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EXACTLY. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is a great work of fiction, but bloody hell… what an ass

It’s definitely not my favorite of his. That’d probably have to go to Cryptonomicon (which I read until the spine cracked in half) or Snowcrash. Never finished Zodiac but at the time I wasn’t reading that much, I should try it again with an ebook (for convenience).

Cryptonomicon is full of the predestiny stuff. It’s a bit patronizing unless it’s already your worldview.

My actual job skillset is not unlike the main character in Zodiac, and I read it well into my career. It is based on one fiction,which i like about most of his works. Detailed to the core, with one central lie. My pov.