What are the greatest pleasures of human existence?


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That moment when you’ve been making anything (a bookcase to a souffle) and you finish it and it amazes even you.


Crossing the border into a previously unvisited town, city or country.


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:61497”]To be able to prove your critics wrong when doing something you love.[/quote]Actually, it’s about ethics in video game journalism.


Waking up early, then realizing that it’s your day off before your head leaves the pillow.


All wrong:


Crows croaking outside your tent early in the morning
Aiding someone who doesn’t expect it
The first time your child smiles/farts/says I love you/does something herself
Doing something with exceptional skill after years of practice
Cheating death
Nostalgic smells
Loving someone
The moment of insight
A very cold beer on an empty stomach
Sleep/water/food after going without for a long time
Gutbusting laughter


Came here for Conan, etc.


I would argue making a souffle correctly merits a metric ton of endorphins every time. And when you serve it with a perfect hollandaise?

Put me to sleep, my work here is done.


I know I am a weirdo, but…

Appreciating my scars, injuries, and imperfections. It means I am still here.


Source: http://www.artandsuchevan.com/#!lifes-lil-pleasures/cski


The first time I took a giant golden puffball out of the oven I felt like I was the champion of the world.


The flavor of melons.


Robot Chicken did a great tribute to that scene:


Seeing something truly majestic in nature.
Passing on a skill, knowledge or interest in something.
Watching your children develop their own personalities and learn new things.


“Hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper.” – Cohen the Barbarian, The Light Fantastic


What about the love of a cat!?


Drinking cold, clean water.


I find it astonishing sex wasn’t mentioned even once - but then I clicked through. It was mentioned plenty, but the nice curators at Bits and Pieces did not feel we should see those answers. Sex is naughty, I suppose.


Heroin, I presume? Am saving that one for my twilight years.