What can animals read from human faces?

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Data? Evidence? St. Thomas Aquinas stated that animals do not have souls, and I think that settles the matter.

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How often do articles whose titles are questions reach definitive conclusions?



Yep, that was my reaction. However i bet they could learn many things about us from our feces. (and maybe spellcheck could stop trying to correct it to faces)

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It makes sense for animals who lack language to do so, but I despair at humans using most of their brains to parse “body language” when it cannot communicate anything of much cosmopolitan relevance. Body language is hugely inefficient if one is trying to communicate anything beyond an impression of their current emotions and moods. I find it more of a great hindrance than anything else.

You’ve seen EquiFACS, right?

How did he know? How do any of us know? They’re sentient, and many are sapient.

The one thing I truly agree with on this is the fact that due to a limited amount of facial musculature, cats don’t show a lot of facial expressions.


Dogs don’t show a lot of facial expression either, but they grin, and frown, and we love them for it.

It also helps that they’ve got an involuntary happiness/terror broadcaster attached to their asses and express a lot of emotion with their ears.


And those noises that they can make without opening their mouths!

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I’m convinced they make the squeak in their sinus. Like a whale or a dolphin. But I’ve never sliced open a dog to find out.

I should look it up. I’m sure someone found out the hard way back in the 19th century, if not earlier.


B. Kliban illustrated how cats do it - no slicing necessary. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/109/313960209_1a300bb236.jpg

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