What do you do with half a leg?


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That, and trial and error for 4 billion year.

I have to say, my reaction to this headline was to think of one of Steve Wright’s deadpan surrealisms:

“I met a man with wooden legs and real feet.”

this is a zen koan, right?


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Something on the order of 50 million years, depending where you set the beginning and end points. Animal life goes back less than 600 million years.

The trial and error certainly goes back further than that. It was necessary for life itself to get started.

Anyway, overanalyzing a throw away line like that seems to be a speciality around here.


Headline made me think of “what do you do with the half a leg remaining after amputation”. As that seemed like a really good question, of course I clicked through but woe is me thats not what this was about at all.

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