What Eleven Fictional Hackers Can Teach Us About Love and Dating


I can thoroughly attest to the amazing power of parting from your exes amicably, and being able to interact with them in a casual manner like Hiro and Juanita. Society seems to expect a breakup to be a giant forever thing, but it’s pretty damn nice if you can get to a place where, sure, you can’t live with each other, but you’re still friends who hang out on a semi-regular basis. They’ve still got most of what attracted you to them, after all. Right?

Even better, you may get to use the wonderful phrase “ex with benefits”. Which just confuses the hell out of people. It’s great.

But, but, if David Lightman had known how to swim, then he would have never kissed Jennifer Mack.

And probably would have become the ‘good friend’ instead.

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