What happened to maureen herman's article on babes in toyland & sexual abuse?

Mareen Herman’s re-published article seems to have disappeared from the boing boing feed. It is / was one of the most insightful articles on sexual abuse. Discussing the social / societal context of abuse beyond the victim and the perpetrator. The comment section was never accessible? Why?

I have an uneasy sense that it was just too controversial. I made some comments supportive of Mauree’s points when the article was first published and I have never received as much abuse as on that occasion.

Given that I was merely relating my experience as a European teenager in a US High School the response seemed out of control and context.

I am making assumptions here, but How will the issue of sexual abuse by powerful men ever be addressed if even BB can’t provide a space for safe discussion?

Just thinking aloud as a woman and Mother of daughters.

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have you checked the wayback machine?


It’s still there? It’s a 2015 article so the system isn’t going to keep it in the “current” feed. It just popped up when the Italicized portion was added recently.


Here it is. We reposted it and it changed the URL to a later date: https://boingboing.net/2015/10/21/the-jackie-fox-rape-disclosure.html


Thank you for responding. Given how heated the debate was in response to Maureen’s article back in 2015, I thought it might have been helpful to at leat allow people to see the comments section, even if not to actually comment. those comments are an important historical document–me thinks.

But most importantly thanks for republishing it!


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