What happened to the profile info?

It’s an interesting idea, I like it for when I am visiting my profile, trouble is that ordering would be inconsistent (mods always want to see activity first when looking at users)

The only winning move is to stay broke.


Different behaviour for visiting your own profile versus someone else’s?


Yeah, I really miss those. I used the numbers as a goad to make fewer, higher-quality posts with a goal of having a 1:3 post:like ratio. Didn’t get there, as far as I am now allowed to tell.

I never looked at it more than 1 or 2 a day hour. [reads notes about server impact, a brief flicker of guilt briefly crosses face in a brief, transitory manner, only to fade back into grief over the lost stats]

there was one pseudo-game where we tried to raise somebody’s mention count.

@TobinL - what do you think of this?


That was supposed to have a “not” in there. feh. I think I request my time-out shortly after posting it.

It is what it is. i will defer to the sysadmins as they have a better idea of what is going on behind the scenes than we do. You can always look at your user stats if you want counts.

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Oh my god :wink:

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Gaze not into the stats as the stats gaze also into you.

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All the stats are now on your Summary tab in your user page: