Issues with notifications?


I don’t seem to be getting notifications. Anyone else experiencing this problem?


I’m getting notifications for likes, but I’m not getting replies. This has been at least Noon PST yesterday.


I haven’t had any notifications of replies for a day now, although like @LDoBe I’m still getting likes. The replies don’t show up on my profile either and I don’t see the number of replies under a post (@LDoBe’s comment above mine shows one reply, but I don’t see any others).


If I do, and I post here, will you know about it?


Okay… that seems to be what I’m seeing. Same with @ notifications, too?


Yup. @ notifications aren’t showing up either. Also I don’t seem to be getting email alerts.


I have mine turned off, so I’m glad you mentioned that as well or I wouldn’t have known. I’ll PM @codinghorror, since this won’t get to him… [ETA] Done and done. I sent him along the topic link.


Same, although that second @ mention of my name just now showed up in my notifications. So… @codinghorror is on the case?


That was an edit, so it’s possible. I’ve just had a notification for a reply sent yesterday, so I guess something’s happening.




Probably related to the global rebake @zogstrip kicked off to fix some hotlinked images that were not downloaded locally.

I’ll let him check and follow up here.

Sorry for any disruption, if there is one, it’d manifest as delays, probably.


The queue is no longer backlogged from what I can tell.

Are you all getting notifications now? @Mindysan33 @miasm @LDoBe @jsroberts


Yes, I am now.


Yep, everything looks good from my end. Thanks!


Yep! Seems to be working! Thanks!


I was getting mine hours late yesterday.


Looks like it’s all fixed now, though!


Let me know when there is another global rebake, I’ll make the cakes and cookies :smiley:


yeah thanks


Yeah, sorry about that guys. I should have been closely watching the forum during the rebake…