What happened to the 'submit a link' link?

Boing Boing used to have a way to submit interesting stuff. There was never a guarantee that it was used, but it was part of what made BB feel like a community - we weren’t just seeing things curated by the main BB writers, but we were also seeing things that they thought were cool sent in by readers.

Whatever happened to that?


It’s a guess, but since you can create your own topic there wasnt a need to keep the link?

I think it was retired due to abuse by spammers

This is how it used to work


Indeed. Signal-to-noise fell waaaaay below 1%, even with the best safeguards I could manage, because it was humans manually spamming, not robots.

Basically when human labour became cheap enough spamfilters became worthless, and we had to remove it.

However, individual Authors maintain contact information on boingboing.net/about if you wish to reach out directly.


Yeah the transition from automated to human spammers happened on the broader internet around 2014-2015 or so. I suppose that could be due to the success of CAPTCHA and other anti-bot initiatives?

Most spam you see these days is 100% real human beings pressing their fingers on actual keyboards or screens…

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