What happens if you are swallowed by a whale?

This guy removing a fish hook from the mouth of one got a pretty good look at the throat size. Would have been a tight fit but it’s still a definite “maybe.”


This woman was half swallowed by a “big fish” which then spat her out:

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It seemed to work out OK for Flapjack (and Bubbie).


You can use it as a submarine or as an operation base.


For some reason I feel like Chris Elliot should have been swallowed by a whale in Cabin Boy.

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It is also dangerous to spew facts like this. All the people poking cautiously around whale’s mouths at 10,000 ft of depth will throw caution to the wind when they hear there is only 1 in a million chance of being swallowed. Learn conditional probabilities and protect yourselves from cetacean ingurgitation, people!



Even so, “squishy human goo” probably isn’t on the menu for sperm whales. Nearly 1 in 1 chance of being ingested by a sea slug (or some other invertebrate) after swimming around at that depth. Yuck.

You’re in hot water with the Marine Megafauna Foundation, that’s what happens.

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