What has Trump lied about in his "apology", chart edition, Oct 8


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I’ll be a better man tomorrow.

Maybe we should hold him to that: Let’s see him do something good tomorrow, Sunday 9th October 2016. Not just not do anything bad, but do something actively good.

If by some faint chance he manages that, he can do something better than that on Monday, and so on. (This is a higher standard than I set myself, but I haven’t made any rash promises about the future me.)


Keep these flowcarts away from A.I. because these are like the exact instructions you would need to build a sociopath A.I.



Grab her by the pumpkin?


Is that a Trump themed glory hole?


I honestly cringed at the thought


Just want to drop this here…gotta appreciate Baldwin’s ability.


Trump pretended to be his spokesman John Major. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/donald-trump-alter-ego-barron/2016/05/12/02ac99ec-16fe-11e6-aa55-670cabef46e0_story.html


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