Trump's outtakes from Jan 7th sure are damning

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Kinda reminds me of the Fine Bros’ pissy sounding apology

“Yesterday,” is a difficult word. :roll_eyes:


I… don’t know who these people are and why they had to apologize?


The part where he doesn’t want to say he lost the election is damning. The rest of it is just Donnie stumbling over words and/or re-writing it as he recites it to make it smoother. I don’t think any of the rest of it was damning, just a guy re-writing lines as he goes along because his mouth can’t handle unusual words like “yesterday.”



Long story short: content creator bros used kids, teens and old folks reacting to youtube clips and they did this with shady practices commonly used in reality tv and they tried to “copyright” an genre of youtube videos and it blew up in their faces because of the backlash.


The part where he smacks the podium at the end because he can’t say his lines is a perfect example of his mindset. He’s mad, at someone else, it appears, because he can’t get it done.
Always someone else’s fault.


Narcissism in all its aspects is on display here. Can’t admit he lost, can’t admit he’s wrong, can’t admit that he has difficulty reading. Nothing can be allowed to challenge these types’ perception that they’re the greatest, really the best and most special (believe me) person on the planet.

The Narcissist’s Prayer

That didn’t happen.
And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
And if it is, that’s not my fault.
And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
And if I did, you deserved it.


This and the outtakes from the Rose Garden show someone rewriting in a state of anger and denial. Seeing both also underscores the ease with which he lies. On one day he’s placating his followers while feeding them the lie that they were justified, but sadly unsuccessful in their quest. On the next, he’s throwing them under the bus while avoiding admitting his own defeat.




What’s perhaps even more revealing is the enabling tone of his leftover handlers one day after all that happened. Regardless of what we feel of Biden, four years of him doing nothing with an ineffective congress will always be an infinitely better decision tree than this monster.


Actually this isn’t surprising at all, he never stopped contesting the election, he is still calling up Republican governors and state legislators thinking they might overturn the election, two years later.

I found the most damning thing the little tidbit that on a call with Kevin McCarthy he admitted he was responsible for the violence. Of course we don’t have a recording of this, we only have McCarthy’s statement that it happened, and McCarthy keeps changing his story.


The most chilling thing is had the coup succeeded, and holy fuck we were literally moments away from livestreamed executions, all of those trump staffers who are testifying against him now would have just gone right along as if nothing had happened as the reign of King Donald the 1st got underway.


One should firmly note (and repeat often to one’s “Wyoming relatives”) that the grift was always: claim that trump won no matter what happens. (they were just utterly surprised that they actually won care of the @#$ electoral college in 2016). That endlessly repeated claim alone is the grift. It nets money from the idiots. It holds fox"news" eyeballs. And books trump rallies. It stokes violent politics (and probably boosts gun sales). And hey, if enough “norms and traditions” can be violently pushed aside, then maybe get installed as dictator for life. trump told us that was the grift. trump’s lackeys (particularly bannon and stone) told us that was the grift. From the escalator ride to feces smeared on the halls of the capitol and onwards to 2024 that’s the grift.


Earlier, he seems to be covering for a brain-stick on the word capitol.


And speaking of his handlers, that he’s being coached here by his own daughter is . . . something. I mean, I don’t see a big problem with that, but I’m surprised more hay hasn’t been made of this macho man getting needed help from his own daughter.


Oh, I can imagine the uber-frustrated staff pleading I & J to please do or say something, cuz Fuckface Von Clownstick be in full tantrum mode.


it’s funny because of course he said the word he didn’t like just fine when saying the word he didn’t like

with that and his wanting to say “attack on america” - he was trying, really, i think to create ambiguity.

it wasn’t physically difficult to say the word, it was difficult for him to say that it was yesterday something bad happened. it was too close to him saying he’d done something wrong

that’s my take anyway


And even then, the ones who didn’t hand in their resignations on Jan 7 were thinking “this fucker committed treason and is going to drag me down with him. We have to do damage control, ASAP.”


shit him out! shit him out!!