What is inside an apartment in Paris abandoned for 70 years?

What jumped out at me was the odd and uneven emphasis on relationships:

It is said that Mrs. de Florian’s name has remained a secret for many years due to strict French privacy laws which prevent the media from being told her full, or real, name.

Right, but she died in 2010 according to the article. The article includes speculation about the identity of most recent owner, but does a lot of in-depth research into the relationships of her grandmother. I don’t see similar information about her father, or who he was involved with…and it seems like this is about more than the provenance of a painting. :roll_eyes:


I think it’s just A paris apartment

and L’appartement oublié is the french translation.

The french translation is included with kindle unlimited, which may explain why I’ve heard of it :person_shrugging:

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