Woman stole jacket artwork hanging in Paris museum, had it altered to fit

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…we don’t talk about what happened to the Duchamp exhibit!


I appreciate readymade art, but replacement value on something like this, well. . . go to Macy’s and get another one (as opposed to a one-of-a-kind painting, whether it’s Rembrandt or Basquiat.)

If the idea is to see the mundane as invisibly profound, like a red wheelbarrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens, then the exact jacket hanging on the wall doesn’t much matter.


Ah, the French. Paris is wonderful this time of year…


They ended up having to reinvent the wheel?

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Me neither.

But @generic_name said it better.


“Woman at Museum Realizes Lifelong Dream of Dressing as Paddington Bear”


The postcards one the other hand…

If I had been aware of the risk of theft [at the Musée Picasso], I would never have exhibited it,” he said, adding that 150 postcards were also destroyed by the culprit.

The lady was a real jerk, and I think her not realizing it was an artwork makes it even worse. If that was my everyday jacket I’d be so pissed if someone stole it!


Yep - she’s a thief, whoever the jacket belonged to. Kind of surprised no charges at all.

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Just hang it back up again.
It’s still a conceptual art piece, now just with an altered back story.


Seeing as this nonsense is considered art, it likely tripled its value. Make an NFT of it before it’s too late!

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Good Lord! She is 72 yrs old! There’s half a chance she suffers from some degree or another of dementia. No wonder they let her off with a warning.

As a matter of fact, that’s something my mother could easily have done at that age–especially the sewing alteration. Yes, my mom, at age 90, has advanced Alzheimer’s. There was an incident, many years ago, when I took her to a Seattle Art Museum exhibit of new and old textiles and clothes from Japan. You wouldn’t believe what it took from me to keep her fingers off the exhibits. I can only imagine the shit-show, if I had left her to her own devices.


The photo here on boingboing appears to be a crop of another photo showing it sitting on a panel with a long explanatory text beside it identifying it as art. This is the only thing on the panel in the middle of what appears to be a room of other physical pieces of artwork. Alongside it is a warning stating do not touch.

I don’t buy the “I didn’t know it wasn’t art” argument when it’s sitting in the middle of an exhibit space, with a light on it, a massive textual information sheet alongside it talking about it, and a sign that says do not touch. She’s just a horrible person.

EDIT: I was wrong about one thing, my understanding of french is rusty. The jacket and postcards were intended to be touched by audience members. And that’s what the sign said, to touch… not do not touch. I’m going to leave my incorrect statements in there as the rest still stands, it was clearly marked as part of the exhibit.

With new evidence you’re still leaving this part in though, yeah? Bit fucking harsh to an old lady.


She took a museum exhibit off the wall, trashed it, and then had it fit for her to wear. She then went back to the place she stole it from. And still, doesn’t take responsibility for her actions saying she just didn’t know it was art.

Even if it wasn’t an obvious museum piece in an obvious display, what gives people the right to just pick something up that they definitely know isn’t theirs and take it from the middle of a business?

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“Old Lady Returns Coat”

Don’t be a dick.

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