What is the funniest show on TV right now?

Make your case, include video evidence of same. I’ll make a separate thread for funniest shows of all time.

I would make the case that VEEP, given the current election climate, is tops. From the satire of cloakroom politics to their spot-on staffer’s characterizations they are doing the combo of smart/slapstick that tickles just the right part of my funnier bones.

(also, is this “Games” or “Dizzy”?)

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Pretty much the only TV I watch is HBO on Sundays. And I think I’d rate the comedies John Oliver > Veep > Silicon Valley.

But I preferred Veep when Armando Iannucci was running it, I don’t think this series is quite as good, although I’m still enjoying it (and as a Brit, I’m obliged to think that The Thick of It was better anyway).

Isn’t Veep suffering a bit from being less ridiculous than reality this season?


I watched him on at (@) midnight and he’s actually very funny.

I like how the edited the first whack of the axe in the video to make it look like he cracked the log on the first take, when it was obvious that he whiffed it. :smiley:

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Wait - someone watches @ midnight?

Occasionally. It depends who they have on. Sometimes it’s golden, sometimes meh. Sometimes they give BoingBoing credit for things not created by BB.


Oh Drumpf! is pretty hilarious…
What? it’s not a show?


Yeah, they’re crushing it. I had to spend more time than I care to admit deciding between VEEP and Silicon Valley.

You mean classical TV (broadcast syndication) or just what happens to come out of the largest screen I have? I ask cuz I only stream anymore… but it’s still TV to me and due to streaming licensing some shows only land on some services for X amount of time.

I just started watching “Broad City” (Hulu, ~30 episodes) it’s doing a pretty good job of cheering me up. The British version of “Shameless” (>130 epi) is also on Hulu & I’m pretty deep into it, haven’t seen the American version tho. Heard its on one of the fancy cable pay channels…

If you haven’t seen “SuperMansion” via Crackle it tickles the Robot Chicken funny bone.

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Updated thread to clarify. I had meant currently running TV show. I’ll start a separate thread for all-time greats. cough - Lucy - cough


In B4 @Mindysan33 posts Grace & Frankie.



30 Rock episodes are still the funniest. It’s still currently running on my time traveling television.

If time travel is OT, then I vote Kimmy or Frankie and Grace or Broad City.


It is easily on my top 5, and is as reliable a laugh producer as any show out there.

Blerg, I gotta get me one of those TV Time Machines…


I will crush this (time traveling) problem. With my ASS.

I heard it. I don’t care.

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Drive, Intelligence, Humility, Chaos. Or the acronym DIHC I’m looking for DIHC, Avery, and I’m gonna take it wherever I can find it.

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Grace & Frankie is far, far, far funnier than I expected. It makes me laugh out loud, every episode.


I mean, how can it not be… Lily Tomlin!


This one isn’t on TV now, but after they were cancelled somewhat recently by IFC they did the right thing, and are making more themselves, via Vimeo. That one actual season is on Netflix.