What it’s like to be chemically castrated

It came back. Lucky you.

I was on prozac for about 6 years. I stopped it. But another 5 years later, and the libido is still gone.

I kinda miss even being able to be attracted to people. It feels inhuman only really having “off” and “turned off”.


I love your wife!
Well, I love everything I know about her, which is this one thing.


Or it would kill them. It didn’t work out so well for Alan Turing. And I see @daneel beat me to it!


Right! The problem isn’t that human beings are sexual, it’s that (mostly here in America, but in many places around the world) we have a really dysfunctional relationship with sexuality. We make it both taboo and a cureall for our ails, and then we wonder why we have men who feel like they can’t control themselves around someone they find sexually appealing.


Good luck, to both you and your wife! And of course, fuck cancer!

(and have a hug)


I agree, except in the cases where psychological problems can also undermine your physical health (I’m a recovering self-harmer triggered by gender dysphoria induced depression).


I mean to indicate a psychological sickness like OCD, rather than the problem of experiencing stress/depression felt in reaction to the experience of a mismatch between sex and gender, which in and of itself is not a sickness.

Perhaps I should have said 'Physical and mental health are thoroughly interdependent. Don’t permanently injure your physical health attempting to stifle a mental issue because you’ll end up hurting both. ’

…you fucking idiots! :wink:

Well yeah cause you have gotten up 3 times overnight to empty it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good taste is easy to recognize.

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