Pitch-drop experiments: science's long wait




Great article. I love all the background and the backstory behind these experiments. Makes me want to go back and watch the old "Connections" series by James Burke. I remember that series really made an impact on me.


That's nuthin. I'm still waiting for my testicles to drop and I'm almost 54.


Fantastic article, Maggie!

Just one question: do you have any links?

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Good sexist trolling there, Dave. Do let us know if you ever find your bawls.


I'm not trolling, I'm just weird. You give me way too much credit.


That's quite the tease - unusual for boing boing. Easy enough to search for the actual video elsewhere, I suppose.


The opporknockity joke fits in here somewhere . . .


Nice article, thanks Maggie : )


Man, I loved that show.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!


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