Rube Goldberg Machine? More like Rube Slowberg Machine

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Does it have a pitch drop funnel? It needs a pitch drop funnel.


I LOL’d at the DMV.

Well, at the punchline, too.

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Sloth Robinson?

And that’s how scientists feel 99.99% of the time. #ProveANegative

  1. That said, my understanding is Rube Goldberg always drew his designs for machines that flipped from a static to dynamic state with a single action. Yet the molasses at 16 seconds had to have been uncorked at roughly the same time as the initiating put.

  2. Also, what the hell happened to the TWELVE other colored golf balls that went before it at 1:42 !?! Someone had to remove them at the area where the grass growing supposedly pushed the white ball forward, or they would have been waiting there as well.


But still awesome and beautiful and worthy of applause :sparkling_heart:

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Agreed - same with the tortoise, which wasn’t ‘activated’ by the ball. Or the grass which wasn’t started by the ball. Or the clock, which wasn’t started by the ball… :confused:

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Yeah, and I’m nitpicking. But really I’m not hating. This was an amazing piece of art and I want to see more. I sincerely hope the artist takes my honest feedback as constructive critique, because I frankly love what he’s creating.

Well it’s really a parody of a Rube Goldberg machine, so I think stretching the definition is going to happen for the comedic effect.

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Hey, he didn’t get the ball in the hole, either. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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