Rube Goldberg musical instrument that runs on 2,000 steel ball-bearings


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It’s my Birthday, can I have one, PLEASE!


if only all barrel organs would look and sound like this


At first I was annoyed at the mechanical disadvantage he put himself in by making the crank such a small wheel, and then once the drums kicked in I realized he was using it to keep time (the beat always hits when the handle is at the bottom of the circle, so it’s literally a downbeat), and that’s pretty badass.


Is it, strictly speaking, a “Rube Goldberg” machine if some part of it isn’t dependent on a chicken laying an egg?


Or a candle burning a rope. . .


Nice use of legos in the programming… Brilliant work!


Reminds me of this - I am in awe that someone has done it in the real world:

(the ATI executable runs just fine on my Surface, got to love the “requires 256MB of system RAM and DirectX 9” message!)



Best pachinko machine ever.


Reminds me more of Dr. Seuss than Rube Goldberg.


Wow, that machine is hella cool. Now I am giving their 2013 album a listen. Sounds a bit like Sigur Ros crossed with FM Belfast. Very nice.


Totally neat. I wondered about all the clunking sounds at first, but it turned out to fit beautifully as percussion. I clicked through some of the suggested videos and got a live session. One or two of the pieces use a typewriter as percussion – shades of Leroy Anderson.


This was in the suggestions:



Happy birthday.


Are we sure this isn’t some sort of guerrilla marketing from Verizon?



This machine has a BREAKDOWN lever.

Imma need one of those.


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