Leonard Bernstein once owned this amazing cigarette-lighting Rube Goldberg machine


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A fancy cancer delivery system, if ever one existed.


I’m sure Frauenfelder could find something else to load in the machine.


Is it just me or does that thing seem to not actually light the cigarette?


Almost makes me want to take up smoking.


Strictly speaking, what makes something a Rube Goldberg machine is the string of unexpected or unnecessary steps to accomplish a simple task. In this case, select cigarette, light and present would seem to be a reasonable break down of the goal. We are missing a tea kettle, monkey, cuckoo clock or similar to get into the spirit.


I liked his piece title ’ age of anxiety ’


It’s hard to tell since it seems to have been filmed with a 15 year old cell phone camera, but it’s definitely emitting smoke after the arm extends to present the cigarette to its master.


Yes, this seems more like a modern electric automata than a Rube Goldberg contraption.


It’s funny y’all are debating its Rube Goldberg-esque-ness, because I initially put that in the submission description, then looked at it again, and deleted because it was too efficient and practical for that label.

What I do find above and beyond a merely efficient robot (besides playing music) is the way it extends the long arm and rotates to hand you the cigarette after its lit. It’s that extra personal touch, like when someone lights a cigarette for you and hands it to you instead of just flicking a bic in front of your face.


It’s more of a heath robinson machine i think. It’s always rube goldberg this and rube goldberg that, what about poor old heath? Who actually pre-dates rube anyway.


I stare at that and think can I do a 510 box mod passthrough?


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