Rube Goldberg's marvelous machines


Fascinating. A machine that actually runs on human misery.

Are you referring to the cartoon at the top? If so, the woman appears to be crying because she’s cutting onions. She may also be miserable but I don’t think that’s what the illustration is depicting.


Came here for Heath Robinson reference, left satisfied.


(Puts on eyeglasses)

You are correct, sir.

If you left, who left the comment?

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The spanish Rube Goldberg: Dr. Franz de Copenhague.

You have a lot of his inventions in Google. As I am a new user I can’t put images:

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Most excellent. Thank you!

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The 2005 movie “Waiting…” was not really a classic, but it featured this amazing “Rube Goldberg” type device to pour a glass of beer near the end of the credits. (According to the audio commentary, it actually worked the first time they filmed it.)

  • Tom


Sorry, could find only the first 9 minutes of it (but I wasn’t looking that hard) - the whole thing is 28 minutes.

To Rube.

Machina? Why?

Ah, mah-sheen.


I always enjoyed the little back-stories Mr. Goldberg sometimes used to preface each invention. For example, “Professor Butts jumps from a plane in a moth-eaten parachute, lands on his head and lives to invent a self-scrubbing bath brush.”
It’s like the icing (spread by a trowel attached to an swinging accordion) on the cake!

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