Rube Goldbergian clocks for your walls and mantlepieces


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Very inappropriate to relate these to Rube.


They may not fit what we traditionally imagine as a Rube Goldberg machine, but the essence of the concept is just a simple task turned into a Needlessly Complex process


House cats will seriously mess with these things… bless their little hearts.


So glad to see these available again! I have one of his clocks (the one pictured by the wine bottle in the article) from about a decade ago, and it’s always been a conversation starter. The motor blew up about 3 years ago (got very hot and started making funny noises), but it’s just the same motor that turns over the pellets in a water softener, one rotation per hour on regular 110V AC power, so I was able to replace it very easily and cheaply. Provided you have good AC power, these clocks keep fantastic time!


So “Seussian” clocks?


That’s not even a clock…


You are quite astute!

I was merely providing a visual example of an overly complicated Seussian contraption.


In that case, an excellent example!



I never thought I’d ever see Seussian versus Goldbergian come anywhere near to being a source of – shall I say – controversy. (??) The de-escalation was nicely handled, though.






Oh, I’ve been here awhile… but sometimes BB throws up… singular surprises.



This is though.


Isn’t there some Mr. Bean episode where there is some weird rube Goldbergian contraption to wake him up? Wallace and Grommett too, if I’m remembering correctly?


I need this

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