Marvellous rube goldberg mechanical lightswitch covers


You posted a link to these about three years ago and I immediately bought two. With daily use in a house with a young kid, they’ve held up well and still look new. A+++ would buy again.

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Poor Rube Goldberg doesn’t even get caps any more. He has become a mere adjective.


Good to know they’re durable. My son-in-law just installed one in my 8 year old grandson’s bedroom a couple of weeks ago and he loves it so much it gets switched on and off way more times than is necessary in a normal day.


Does the other side of that switch say “Yes”?

Also, those are really fun!


Poor Rube Goldberg? At least he gets namechecked.

What about poor Heath Robinson?


Was just playing with some of these at a shop last weekend. alas, all of our switches are now those giant paddles…

That’s the perfect age for this contraption. The novelty hasn’t worn off for the now nine-year-old. When someone new comes over and use the switch itself, she’ll inform the guest that they can just pull the handle. In her mind, it’s SO AWESOME why would anyone want to use the switch like a plebe?


HA! You must be referring to the top picture which clearly shows the actual switch behind the wall plate as having been mounted upside-down. Either that, or else the wall plate was mounted upside-down, and the picture posted upside-down as well! Perhaps there’s a rube goldberg rightside-up converter which can be fitted over this wall plate.

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From the Reddit thread on this a couple of days ago, folks said that these are all as mechanical as they appear to be.

In particular, for the second one apparently the whole thing just slides up and down, instead of being hinged.

Can anyone comment on whether that’s true?

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