Steampunk 1/4" steel geared lightswitches


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THAT is NOT Steampunk!

Probably you'll want to use a heavy-duty metal wall box for these, if you don't want to rip your switch right out of the wall.


Not disappointed, but was expecting something like this:

But yeah, too dangerous I guess.


It would be safe with the 24v relay system installed in a lot of older homes:


Well, there's the slightly less hardcore version:


It's only 120. I mean, you'd certainly learn lessons about electricity while you were at it.


It's much more likely to break the toggle handle off the switch than to rip out of the wall.


I doubt that actually, switches are built pretty tough, and this looks like it screws to the box, which is generally just held in by a screw or two, depending on drywalling and the small leverage from switches to prevent damage. And if you're using an old work box then it's just held in by drywall or plaster.

This thing cranks up the leverage while using a pair of one inch screws to attach to the switch itself. The weak point is totally the jbox here.


My 1940s house has the boxes plastered into the walls so tightly that they could hold up the roof. You must live in a crappy modern home.


No, 1920's kit home, ours are actually attached to the lath and the wire mesh below the plaster. But I also recognize that these are rare and was indeed thinking of modern construction.


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