Brutal/primitive lamp/charging station




One disagreement: “toggle-switch (the best switch)” … No, that would be the knife switch!


I dunno, that block of wood for the base seems kind of effete. Couldn’t they find a broken cinder block?


It’s $195? Really? Couldn’t you just make one yourself… all DIY style? Also, same with any decor/furniture from anthropologie.


Did unfinished basements suddenly become chic? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting from this object.


Indeed, I would have thought that would be obvious to Cory. Knife switch >> toggle switch. Ideally with some arcing before it makes contact.


Where’s the satire tag…


Yeahhh, no. It’s brutally unfinished and a huge waste of space IMO, but hey, I like Lima beans and brussel sprouts, so beholders eye and whatnot.


If I did, I would sell it for $194.


I guess I am too scared for safety. The knife switch potentially puts actual 120V electricity right there for me to carelessly brush my hand across and complete the circuit. Cheaper to just stick a fork in a socket to get the same effect. Cool though…?


And then you’d be $194 dollars richer…


Yeah I have a functionally equivalent device beside my bed. It runs off a USB power source, has an LED lamp and a touch operated switch which is easy to use in the dark, as well as USB out for my kindle. It has no retro style but I kind of like living in 2014.


It looks like it needs a large steel ball bearing rolling down a ramp to flip the switch on.


Almost as overpriced as it is ugly.


I know a naked emperor who would LOVE this.


I know a guy who has a knife switch for the lights in his basement - he switched the whole thing over to 12V so the knife switch isn’t hazardous.


Hehe, we’re not trying to be sensible here. Of course there are high-power high voltage manual switches designed not to arc or to short bare skin for that matter, but they are too safe to be cool.


This design is almost certainly ‘inspired’ by a reddit /r/DIY thread from last year:


This looks like one of my more successful DIY projects. Only more polished-looking.


I am pro-knife switch though. The “control” panel my son and I are building has a knife switch that he absolutely requires be a part of it, just boring 12V though. If we could get the arc effect without killing ourselves…