Brutal/primitive lamp/charging station

I like the bedside light all in one idea, though not this basement style as above.
Lets see, 220v euro power strip1/2 kept for internal connections, four port USB with 2000mA/h charge ports, LED or florescent lamp, Qi charge pad, Bluetooth AD2P stereo to amp to nice shelf top speakers, maybe AA/AAA charger


Mmm…I think I can do it for $75? The lamp cage looks like a re-purposed old safety work lamp attached to a heavy duty outlet box. I think the most expensive thing would be the USB/power outlet combo. 15-Amp White Decorator Duplex Electrical Outlet is about 25-30$ at Lowes.

So, is this for those audio people that pay 100 times for cabling?

that’s not much of a toggle switch - this is the commencing launch sequence alpha flip cover toggle switch you’re looking for -

and anyway, honestly, that’s some pretty basic parts just glommed together

here’s a real deal assemblage artist -

or how about this anglerfish lamp made from bits and pieces -


Good for you! How about buying (or building – geez, the ones I see for sale online are expensive!) a wimshurst generator to play with sparks. I had one when I was a kid, and it’s about as safe as a few hundred thousand volts can ever get – safer than tesla coils and van-de-graaff generators, anyway.

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It would probably be a lot cheaper, so … no.

I dunno, I kind of like the aesthetic of this piece. It’s something I probably would have built myself if I still worked in a scene shop. But for use in a functional space I probably would have included a wider base to minimize tip-over (and used a shatter-proof bulb in case it did) and utilized a covered outlet to prevent sawdust buildup in the USB ports.

I was just thinking of making a literal knife switch…
Something like this little guy where you stick the knife in to close the circuit.

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Love it, but fumbling around in the dark looking for the lamp switch might be a dicey operation…

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