Arcade button light switch

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I remember that my uncle in Kansas had button light switches. Not arcade tho, just buttons. I thought they were super neato as a kid. NO one else had buttons!

Why do I have to click through to see a pic?

I dunno i can see the picture just fine without having to click anything


That’s how short posts work

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My gramma’s house in NYC had two-button light switches as well. It was Very Old, probably nineteen-teens, and had been retrofitted with newfangled electricity. Loved them switches though. They went SNAP! SNAP! You could hear it in the whole house at night. Until an adult got pissed off…


Hm. A button cover that goes over a standard flat rocker switch?

It just wouldn’t feel right. Not that I’d want to spend the extra for proper reed buttons hooked up to a relay, ideally with optional sound effects and lights.


Years ago I searched for just this type button switch. but i never found a mass produced solution, nor was I able to find the components that a neophyte like myself could assemble into a safe product.

I get the rocker switch solution, but also agree it could be better. If someone could do the leg work for parts and a diagram, I would be much obliged!

The old black round ones you had to push hard? Yeah seen those too.

Also - this is a HORRIBLE idea if you have kids. And adults who act like kids.

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Not sure it’d be wise to have this installed and then have kids over, they might be tempted to do some sweet combos on them switches.

Also. Interesting idea on how to take this further. Add an arcade stick and have it control light dimming.

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I want the rollerball from Centipede for the dimmer.

That’d be dangerous, i’d be all too keen on rolling the hell out of it.

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