Solved: Mystery of Death Valley's "Sailing Stones"


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Pffft. Right. Likely story. Another pathetic attempt by “scientists” to cover up the fact that Hollow Earth telekenetic savants are moving the stones in an attempt to warn us against Earth Changes and the coming of the False Sky Brothers.


Very interesting but I have to disagree with one item in the story:

THIS is the most boring experiment ever!



Brian Dunning of discovered it in 2002 and blogged about it in 2007. Here’s the link:

I hope the scientists in the paper give him some credit.


I didn’t read the whole paper. Is it aliens?

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You mean the fraud and thief?

I’m actually kind of surprised that it took them this long to figure it out considering how obvious the answer is. Having lived in an area where the ocean regularly froze in the winter, I’ve seen the sea ice push large boulders around the beach as a result of the wind blowing on the ice. In a few cases, it even stacked boulders on top of each other.

Make all the snide remarks about the SCP Foundation that you like, but you’ll be happy they’re around the next time that SCP-682 gets loose.

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