What it was like to be in Japan's worst-ever earthquake

Terrifying. Does anyone know what “Tohoku” translates as into English?

This is discussed here:


More recently, of course, was the double whammy in Japan – earthquake followed by tsunami. A lot of arriving aircraft were sent elsewhere during the former, which in a few cases turned into a tricky proposition because they were at the end of long trans-Pacific flights with minimal fuel for significant re-routing. Again, the air traffic control system found everyone safe harbor.


It’s just a region of Japan, roughly the Northeast part of the country. North of Tokyo and on the eastern coast.

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Wow. That defies words.

A few things that I noticed, though. It looks like most of the cutlery, plates, and tableware remained on the table and pictures remained on the walls. I would have thought that the force would have knocked everything to the ground.

And why the hell is the person filming not ducking and covering? Does he want to get knocked in the head?

Cause they were badass: Already been 3 minutes through this s*it, might as well film it.
The Tsunami though, WTF? It was faster but somehow worse.


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