What’s the greatest thing since sliced bread? Sliced chocolate


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Just as long as it’s less disgusting, compared to actual chocolate, than processed cheese slices are compared to actual cheese.


No dark chocolate option, not for me then…


Well, based on the photos given the amount of plasticity they appear to have then dark chocolate is right out. Again, just based on 1.5 seconds of looking at the pic if they are even 20% cacao I’ll eat my (non chocolate) hat.


I’ll pass. You’d be paying a premium for less chocolate, more trash, and potentially more filler/fake ingredients. This seems like a prime Informercial moment where someone posits the insane question of “Have you ever tried to spread or pour chocolate over something only to make a mess?” and cue to a clueless git failing, when in real life that never happens.


I’ll point out the Japanese aren’t world famous for their chocolate. The nice thing about Pocky is the crunch - the chocolate itself is mediocre.


I wonder if you could use simple gelatin or perhaps an exotic emulsifier to increase cacao content while preventing it from being brittle…

Also, don’t say conching, I’m working on it.


We already have chocolate spread and chocolate sprinkles (known colloquially here in dutch as “mouse droppings”, lol). I don’t know what this would add.


What’s so great about sliced bread, anyway?

Mass-produced sliced bread is almost universally crap, and cutting slices off a fresh loaf is a trivial job that’s done in seconds.


This has been covered many times over the years by every site from The Atlantic to Mental Floss. Here’s one explanation from Priceonomics: The Invention of Sliced Bread

Not that I’m saying sliced plastic chocolate is in any way comparable.


Japanese milk chocolate is among the best I’ve had, far superior to British. Generally I also prefer dark chocolate–except when in Japan.

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